Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've decided to join two of my loves in life on this blog: the Cardinals and writing. I have been considering this for a while and am finally going through with it. My other blog (not very good to begin with) doesn't really focus on sports-my own fault, I suppose. So I'm making a new one where I can write about my beloved Cardinals.

This will probably consist of random, useless pieces of information that I would usually share with my friend, Josh, but he is heading down under to Aussie land for a year pretty soon so I will have no one to share these things with any other way. He's the only one crazy enough to sit and listen to me.

This isn't just going to be dumb game recaps. You can go to ESPN for those. I just want to be able to express other observations I make during games. Mainly, this is so Josh and I can communicate about our team while he's gone.

We'll see how this goes...